Who We Are

Founded in 2014, ACCEL Schools is a K-12 public charter school management organization (CMO) serving students across the United States in brick-and-mortar, virtual, and hybrid school settings. We focus on improving academic outcomes of students regardless of geographic location or socioeconomic factors.

Our founders are the early pioneers of online learning. The leadership team at ACCEL Schools has a combined 1000+ years of experience as global school management operators with expertise in curriculum research and design, assessment, student support services, and education consulting. Our entire team fundamentally believes that all children deserve a great education and students should be supported as they pursue a wide variety of post-secondary options. Our robust technology increases engagement, access to resources, efficiencies, and academic results helping our students become productive global citizens.

What makes us different!

Learning Environment

Feedback Cycles

Adaptive Instructional Models

Well-Rounded Approach

The ACCEL Instructional Model (AIM) provides the foundation of academic achievement for all students. AIM has four key components to achieve strong academic results: individualized instruction, certified and licensed teachers, more time on task, and short cycle assessments.

The ACCEL Management Platform is an ecosystem of education technology central to managing an effective K-12 school and differentiating instruction for each student. AMP for Education supports enrollment, state compliance, communication, collaboration, and a variety of instructional tools. AMP is customizable school by school and includes premiums such as advanced reporting, digital curriculum, and virtual instructors.

  • Online Enrollment & CRM
  • Student Information System (SIS)
  • Communication & Collaboration Tools
  • Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Instructional Software & Tools
  • Assessment Software & Tools
  • Digital Curriculum
  • Virtual Tutoring & Instruction
  • Virtual Student Progress Monitoring
  • Virtual Professional Development
  • Data Analytics & Visualization
Our mission is to provide quality education, anywhere in the world, in the modality that best meets the needs of each student.
Ron Packard, CEO & Founder