Career Opportunities

ACCEL Schools is a group of leaders, educators, and staff members with a desire to have an impact on the lives of all students. We pride ourselves in being a relational company focused on the development of our students as well as our employees. Every employee is an integral part of our ability to live out our mission and make caring, individualized learning accessible to all.


Build trust on the team by performing work honestly. Contribute to the best possible outcome by raising concerns thoughtfully and dissenting from viewpoints judiciously.


Work flexibly and resourcefully to solve problems. Recognize and embrace the responsibility we have to our students, governments, investors, and one another.

Community Responsivity

Have the courage to take initiative and the conviction to follow through. Search for new means of improvement.

  • What I love about working at ACCEL Schools is the staff. Together we create an atmosphere that feels like being home. We are more than a team, we are a family. The energy of our team is very strong—we truly strive to give our students the best of us, because children are our future!
    Idalina Gomez, Teacher
  • Everyone wants to be part of a community, whether at home or at work. Working at ACCEL Schools means you are a part of a thriving educational community. ACCEL works daily at providing a superior educational experience for all students, for staff, and for the greater community in which each school serves.
    Alissa Clugh, Principal
  • Working for ACCEL Schools is both rewarding and humbling. ACCEL Schools moves mountains for students and families. Our students deserve the best education possible, and we deliver on that by supporting students, teachers, and leaders at every level.
    Jarod Hawk, Executive Principal
  • One thing that keeps me working for ACCEL Schools is the opportunity to grow as a teacher. Through ACCEL professional development classes, I learned new teaching strategies that I now regularly implement in my classroom.
    Samantha Hager, Teacher
  • Working at ACCEL Schools offers me the chance to influence the lives of young people. I love that lessons are specific to the individual needs of each student. This is what allows students to grow academically and socially.
    Tanya Kemp, Teacher