Our Communities

We proudly serve any community where families lack choices in schooling. The majority of our public charter schools are located in underperforming urban school districts. We customize our program and services to meet the needs of each diverse community.

While the percentage of students who qualify for the Free & Reduced Lunch program can be as low as 60% in suburban areas, it is 100% for over three-quarters of our network. 

0 considered economically disadvantaged
0 have special needs

Student Achievement

  • Instructional Hours

    ACCEL Schools offer an average of 22% more instructional hours per year than the state’s requirement for charter schools.

    Ohio Requirement 920
    ACCEL Schools Average 1164
  • Turnaround Momentum

    Broadway Academy (Cleveland, OH) is a story of remarkable turnaround. Now ranking in the Top 25% of Ohio charter schools, Broadway Academy increased in Performance Index by 36 points in two academic years.

    2017 Points 39
    2018 Points 53
    2019 Points 75
  • Value-Added Grades

    Ohio’s Value-Added grade measures the amount of learning a student achieves in a single academic year. Across the ACCEL Schools network, 94% of schools have similar or better Value-Added grades than the average school in their district.

    Percent Better 78
    Percent Similar or Better 94

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